OT: 22 May 1920 – Loch Sloy “The Piobaireachd Society’s Music”

The Oban Times, 22 May, 1920

The Piobaireachd Society’s Music

Brolas, 8 May, 1920

Sir,–In adhering to all I have already said upon the above subject, I further add, for the benefit of “Dunvegan,” that when the opportunity was given me of examining copies of this year’s tunes, I could not but express myself as being quite satisfied with them; and, further, I told the party who purchased that I even would not accept them for nothing until all interested in Piobaireachd were allowed to buy, and that in a day or so I would add myself to those already writing upon the subject in your valuable columns, and do all in my power to foster and advance our Piobaireachd. I hold pact with nobody in any controversy concerning the music I have at heart. I accepted Mr. MacLennan’s criticism, and would at the same time support him, admitting, as I do, the great knowledge he possesses. His decision could not have been arrived at without probing deeply into the work of the Music Committee. Regarding “Young Piper,” it certainly seems as if I have been premature with my advice as far as it may concern him, but he should have admitted that all that was said was for the good of young pipers, which he perhaps unwittingly endorses when he draws attention to the “five or six glorified men.” Granted “Young Piper” can learn the tunes, why not get on with them. The Piobaireachd Society clearly stated where the tunes can be got, and your “master,” whom you have every right to support, could put your mind at ease by teaching you the “King’s Taxes” from “Ceol Mor,” page 361.–I am, etc.,

Loch Sloy