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Welcome to PMJohnGrant.com, a website developed by Dr. Alan Armstrong to highlight the life and works of  Pipe Major John Grant, Medalist of the Highland Society of London,  author of “The Royal Collection of Piobaireachd”, “Piobaireachd, Its Origin and Construction,” joint author of “The Pipes of War” and author of “The Silver Chanter.”

In a review of “Piobaireachd: Its Origin and Construction,” bagpipe instructor Roger Heth wrote, “Pipe Major John Grant was a man of considerable intellect.   His knowledge appears to be no shallow pool as he explains to his reader the poetry of Piobaireachd as well as how the MacCrimmon Clan and others through the years constructed their compositions.  He explained the theory of music as it appertains to the Scottish Bagpipe and it is strongly suggested  that those who created their own Bagpipe Schools during the 20th Century, including the Army at Edinburgh Castle, leant on this book heavily.  When describing Laments, Salutes, Welcomes, Gatherings  –  John Grant breathes life into chosen pieces. “