OT: 10 April 1926 – John Grant “Toarluath and Crunluath and Piobaireachd”

The Oban Times, 10 April, 1926

 Toarluath and Crunluath and Piobaireachd

Edinburgh, 2 April, 1926

 Sir,–In Mr. McLennan’s letter of 27 March, says:–
Mr. Grant is above open competition as a means of proving his ability as a piper. Being a composer, he is on a plane by himself.

We agree on this point then. Nothing remains to be done now but for Mr. McLennan to leave out ancient history and answer my all-important question–Why did his father, the late Lieutenant John McLennan, write the Crunluath fourteen times on his work entitled “Piobaireachd as MacCrimmon Played It,” in the exact same manner as Angus Mackay, if you did not intend these movements to be played the same as Angus Mackay did?

Unless Mr. McLennan comes to the point and answers the above question, and that only, it is fruitless to carry this controversy any further.–I am, etc.,

John Grant