It will be readily admitted by all lovers of the Great Highland Bagpipe that the definition of Ceol Mor has been passed over and neglected, not only in the earliest stages of its infancy,  by the present enlightened age.

Although we have many printed volumes of piobaireachd, yet there is not a book in existence that solves the many difficulties which lie before the student.

It has been the great desire of my life to prepare a work that will in some degree make piobaireachd as clear to the youth of twelve years of age as to the student of mature years, and if the present work will be of any assistance to those who wish to study this ancient art, in my own heart I will rejoice.

 I have taken this opportunity of thanking the Patrons, Patronesses, and Subscribers who have shown their practical interest in the classical music of the Great Highland Bagpipe, which it is earnestly hoped will no longer be proclaimed a lost art, or its construction declared to be a mystery…

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