OT: 10 August 1901 – [Unsigned] “Songs of Lorn XX: Bidh fonn oirre daonnan and XXI: A’ Chailin ‘tha ‘tamh mu Loch-Eite”

The Oban Times, 10 August, 1901


The following song is by Seumas Sea, otherwise known as Seumas Mac’ille Sheathanaich, Bard Loch-nan-eala (James Shaw, bard of Lochnell). He is said to have been born in 1758 and to have died 1828; others give the dates as 1759 and 1834. He enjoyed the patronage of General Campbell of Lochnell during his lifetime. He composed a considerable number of songs; but few were of sufficient merit to ensure preservation. The following is perhaps his best known. The names of those preserved in Turner’s collection are:–“Cumha Thighearna Bharra-challduinn,””Oran do Shir Iain Caimbeul, Tighearna nan àrd,””Gearan mu’n chain a thánig air na h-eich,””Oran do Bhonipart,””Oran do dh’Fhionnladh Marsanta.”