OT: 6 July 1901 – [Unsigned] “The Bagpipes At The Exhibition”

The Oban Times, July 6, 1901

The Bagpipes At The Exhibition

For many weeks, says a Glasgow correspondent, the total absence of bagpipe music from the Exhibition was a grief to many admirers of the glorious skirl. Now this defect has been remedied, and the famous pipe band of the 2nd Highland Light Infantry discourses Highland music every afternoon and evening to thousands of appreciative listeners. Many of the foreigners who are now flocking to the great Show have never previously heard the bagpipe’s mighty strains. The expression on their faces shows at first a curious combination of wonder, amusement and admiration. After a few dirges the fierce notes permeate to that Marshall substratum which is in every man’s mind, and the strangers beat time and applaud with the heartiest of us. On a recent Saturday evening these foreigners had an unexpected chance of seeing a genuine Highland reel performed by a band of country holiday-makers, whose toes got the better of them as the pipes began to skirl.