OT: 27 April 1901-[unsigned] “The Highland Dancing and Piping Competition”

The Oban Times, April 27, 1901

The Highland Dancing and Piping Competition

The last and one of the most successful Highland dancing and piping competitions of the season Was Held in the Assembly Rooms, Street, Glasgow, on Friday evening, 5th inst.,presided over by Mr. Neil Campbell Colquhoun, hon. secy, of the Clan Colquhoun Society, accompanied on the platform by Messrs. Wm. MacLennan, Glasgow; John MacLeod, Pollokshields; Wm. Drysdale, Pollokshields; John McRae, Glasgow; Alex. Robertson, Glasgow, and others. The Chairman, and well-chosen remarks referred to the good derived from these competitions by (or in) encouraging and inducing young pipers and dancers to learn and keep up the old Highland element. There was a complete rush of competitors, as very valuable prizes were offered by such well-known gentlemen as Sir James Colquhoun, Bart. (two gold medals), Messrs. Wm. K. MacKinnon, A. W. MacLeod, Lachlan MacPherson, John MacLeod, (Pollokshields), Alex. Fraser, P. Kennedy (first-class pair of dancing pumps and a splendid silver medal), D. MacPherson, John MacLeod (Canning Street), John MacKinnon, and John MacInnes.

The platform was managed in a very able and creditable manner by Mr. Finlay MacLeod, a gentleman well-known in Highland circles in Glasgow, and one of the directors of the Lewis and Harris Association, who was very ably assisted by Mr. D. J. Cameron, Lochmaddy. The following is the prize-list:

Piping.Marches (confined to those who never won a first prize)—1, Colin Matheson, Lochalsh; 2, David Barr, Greenock; 3, David S. Gray, Caithness; for Dan MacPherson, Portree.

Marches (semi-amateurs)—1, Robt. Hall, Dalkeith; 2, Wm. Henderson, Paisley; 3, Robt. Taylor, Govan; 4, Wm. Ferguson, Govan; 5, Colin Matheson, Lochalsh.

Strathspeys and Reels —1, J. Johnstone; 2, Hector MacNeill, Tyree; 3, Robt. Hall; 4, Miss Kirk, Hamilton; 5, Colin Matheson, Lochalsh.

Dancing.—Ghillie Callum (4 girls under 15 years)—1, Lizzie Fraser, Glasgow; 2, Jeannie Murray, do.; 3, Maggie Bannister, do.; 4,Fiorrie Berrie, Hamilton; special prize, Agnes MacKinnon, Glasgow.

Highland Fleeing (confined to those who never won a 1st prize)—J. B. MacDougall, Greenock; 2, Jeannie Murray, Glasgow; 3, Maggie Bannister; 4, Bessie Campbell, Glasgow.

Seann Truibhas —1, Geo. Mackenzie; 2, Annie Sheriff, Glasgow; 3, Lizzie Fraser, do.; 4, John Mackenzie, Greenock.

Highland Fling (for boys under fifteen years)—1, R. H. Thomsen, Glasgow; 2, J. B. MacDougall, Greenock; 3, Archie MacPherson, Saltcoats; 4, John MacDonald, Glasgow.

Dancing Highland Reels —1, Geo. Mackenzie; 2, Annie Sheriff; 3, N. L. McLardy, Kintyre; 4, Robt. MacLellan.

Highland Fling (semi-amateur)—1, George Mackenzie; 2, Annie Sheriff; 3, D. Gordon, Glasgow; 4, D. A. Nicolson, Lochmaddy.