Announcing: “A Noble Pursuit: The Life, Letters and Works of Pipe Major John Grant”

Pipe Major John Grant, (F.S.A. Scot) (1876-1961) was a gifted artist, author and amateur composer of bagpipe music who enjoyed the favor of members of the nobility including those of the Royal Family of the United Kingdom for the first half of the twentieth century. Facts about his life were largely a mystery until music historian and bagpiper Alan Armstrong discovered Grant’s complete works at Harvard University . Additional resources from both the United States and Europe allowed Armstrong to flesh out this remarkable true story of a farmer’s son whose passion for his “native music” opened doors to acquaintances and friendships with some of the most powerful and influential members of British and Scottish Society. Pipe Major Sandy Jones writes,

This book is an outstanding source of information to those who have an interest in studying the music of the great highland bagpipe and establishes John Grant as an important contributor to Scottish arts and culture.

EUSPBA Adjudicator Nancy Tunnicliffe adds,

Dr. Armstrong ‘s meticulously researched book tells Grant’s compelling story in a scholarly yet vivid way. . . A must-havefor the serious piper’s library.

The book is divided into two parts: the first is the biography which details Grant’s involvement with the Highland Society of London, the Piobaireachd Society, The “Redundant A” Controversy, The Army School of Piping, the War Memorial School, and members of the nobility including every monarch from Edward VII to the current Queen, and much more. The second half houses appendices containing his poetry, essays, and other writings, and an anthology containing all of Grant’s original piobaireachd and light music compositions in modern notation.

“A Noble Pursuit: The Life, Letters and Works of Pipe Major John Grant” comes in two formats: perfect bound and especially for the piper interested in playing the music, wire-bound . Both sell for $39.95 (plus tax in NC), with a small additional shipping and handling charge.  Orders may be placed at:

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