OT: 30 March 1901 – David Glen “Puirt-a-Beul ‘Cille Chriosda'”

The Oban Times, 30 March 1901

Puirt-a-Beul –

“Cille Chriosda”

8 Greenside Place, Edinburgh
March 25, 1901

Sir,– Permit me space in which to state that if you were celebrated contributor Dr. K. N. MacDonald, will consult Part IV of my collection of ancient piobaireachd he will therein find the above tune written in a manner which, I think, will please him. I write the urlar and first var. in common time, and gives sixteen bars to each. The notes of this setting were given to me by the greatest living authority on this class pipe music, namely, Colin Cameron, late piper to the Duke of Fife, and I have not the least doubt that every note in my setting was played by the MacCrimmons. I am etc.,

David Glen