OT: 19 January 1901 – Keith N. MacDonald – “Puirt-a-Beul ‘Mouth Tunes’ or ‘Songs for Dancing'” [Mus]

The Oban Times, 19 January, 1901


“Mouth-tunes,” or “Songs for Dancing.”

By Dr. Keith N. MacDonald

[A gull lamenting over a whale that had been salted]
The following strathspey is a very old one, and has got a good ring about it.
The following song is sung by two persons in alternate lines. It is one of the most uncommon dance songs, and has an ancient flavor to it.
When the above is sung for dancing, by two persons, in alternate lines, they accentuate the beginning of each line by a clap of the hands — to mark time.
[Ed: The following is a texted version of the above as sung by Karen Mathesen]

[Ed: For a performance of the above see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPuaYcv3E3k]

“Bodach Innse Chrò,” or “The Dusty Miller,” should be sung in slow strathspey time.
[Ed: For a recording of Bodach Innse Chrò see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=untaWKzdKuE