OT: 5 January 1901 – Dr. Keith N. MacDonald “Puirt-A-Beul ‘Mouth-tunes,’ or ‘Songs for Dancing.’ [Mus]

The Oban Times January 5, 1901


“Mouth-tunes,” or “Songs for Dancing.”

By Dr. Keith N. MacDonald

Another excellent old reel is, “Théid mi null thar a’ Bheinn.” It is one of those that had almost died out. It was a great faourite with the late Iain Ruadh Kennedy, of Sleat, Skye, which he played after “Miss Lyle.” It is only to be found in the “Skye Collection of Reels.”

[Ed: The following is a performable version of the tune above]
 The following reel, “An Gille don ‘s a’ bhanarach,” is very popular in Glenmoriston.
And the following reel:
“Co th’ann ach Anna mo nighean,” or, “Dinna think bonnie lassie,” is an excellent strathspey, and well known all over the country.  It makes a very sprightly dance tune though usually sung as an ordinary song.”
[The following is the editor’s re-working of the above tune as it is sung by the MacDonald sisters.]
“Gu cuir nan Gobhar as a’ chreig,” is a very old pipe tune; can be played as a strathspey or reel.
[Editor: the version sung by the MacDonald Sisters is a variant of this tune: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i02zGoJSrQM