OT: 7 July 1923 – Spaidsearachd Chlann Domhnuill “Piobaireachd Playing at the Cowal Gathering”

The Oban Times, 7 July, 1923

Piobaireachd Playing at the Cowal Gathering

2nd July 1923

Sir,–I am very much surprised that Dr. Bannatyne, of all men, should say that the fingers of a lad of 18 years and under are incapable of playing a piobaireachd with effect. Notwithstanding the Doctor’s undoubted knowledge of anatomy, I beg, through your courtesy, to express the direct opposite view. If a lad at 18 years cannot play a piobaireachd, the likely result is that he will not do it at 28 years, and if not then never.

Permit me to congratulate Mr. Strafford and the Cowal Gathering Committee upon the excellent lead they have taken in this matter. It is to be hoped that all Highland Gatherings worthy of the name will follow their splendid example. If so, Dr. Bannatyne and the rest of us who are so jealous of our Highland bagpipes and music will in a short time hear playing that will be more to our taste then the “Tin-whistle-bagpipe playing” so evident these days. –I am, etc.,

Spaidsearachd Chlann Domhnuill