OT: 30 June 1923 – Enthusiast “‘Canntaireachd’ or the Vocable Method of Recording Piobaireachd”

The Oban Times, 30 June, 1923

“Canntaireachd” or the Vocable Method of Recording Piobaireachd

Sir,–It would be interesting to know if any manuscript recording pibrochs by the MacCrimmon system, other than that taken down by Captain MacLeod of Gesto, exists.

The Gesto record was published, and the reprint dated 1880 appears to contain many clerical and printer’s errors, and is, in consequence, not as valuable to enthusiasts as it might otherwise have been. If the manuscript still exist it is a pity a reprint could not be arranged.

In spite of manifest errors, the publication referred to undoubtedly shows that a regular system of recording this music existed among the old pipers, and this is confirmed by the article on “Nether Lorn Canntaireachd,” by Major Grant yr. of Rothiemurchus in “The Pipes of War.” If other manuscripts exist, emanating from MacCrimmon sources, it might be possible to reconstruct the system and thus correct the versions in staff notation in the case of many Pibrochs undoubtedly incorrectly recorded. –I am, etc.,