OT: 26 September 1903 – David Glen “The Piobaireachd Society of Scotland”

The Oban Times, 26 September, 1903

The Piobaireachd Society of Scotland.

21 September 1903

Sir,–Kindly allow me space in which to lodge a protest against a statement in the article under the above heading, which appears in your Saturday’s issue, and which may do serious injury to my business if allowed to go uncontradicted.

The statement is–”From no other Book of Pibrochs can copies of Pibrochs be issued at small cost, as neither the society nor pipers could afford the expense of buying so many tunes written out in full.”

The society and pipers can have from my “Ancient Piobaireachd,” which contains 70 of the very best tunes, any single tune written out in full musical notation for 1s each; or in book form they can have from 12 to 15 tunes for 4s. I shall be very pleased to supply this society quantities at a reduced price for distribution to their competitors.–I am, etc.,

David Glen