WS: 7 June 1945 – Unsigned “Piping Brochure” [article]

The Weekly Scotsman, 7 June, 1945

Piping Brochure

Their Majesties the King and Queen have been pleased to accept a brochure entitled “The Martial Music of the Battle of Britain.” It runs into 44 pages of Highland bagpipe music, and includes a number of water-colours of Highland scenery.

The brochure contains seven tunes–four piobaireachdan, a march, a strathspey, and a reel–representing various phases of the subject, and is the most comprehensive work attempted in the history of the Highland bagpipe.

The author of the work is Mr. John Grant, Edinburgh who is well-known as a piper, and instructor and composer, and has been a frequent contributor to the “Weekly Club” columns. Mr. Grant who was piper at Abercairney for about five years and can trace his tuition back to the MacCrimmon school, is the author of a number of Royal tunes.