EN: 25 September 1944 – Unsigned “The Chatty Side of the News” [article]

Edinburgh Evening News, 25 September, 1944

The Chatty Side of the News 

 It is said that “Highland Laddie” is Field-Marshal Montgomery’s favourite pipe tune. If so, his taste coincides with that of many another soldier in many a civilian.

But, if he fancies, the Field-Marshal can now have his very own tune played for his delectation. It has been composed by Mr. John Grant, F.S.A., Scot., of Edinburgh, and it is entitled “Field- Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery’s March to Berlin.” The British commander, in a letter accepting the composition, said he was looking forward to hearing it played.

Mr. Grant has written a lot of pipe music, and is deeply interested in the cultivation and preservation of the art in its correct and ancient form. The Queen is among those who have accepted his compositions.