OT: 3 April 1920 – Young Player [“Piobaireachd Competitions at Oban and Inverness”]

The Oban Times, 3 April, 1920

[Piobaireachd Competitions at Oban and Inverness]

20 March, 1929

Sir,– Some weeks ago a notice appeared in your advertising columns giving the names of the piobaireachd to be played in the junior competitions at the above gatherings. I have put myself to the trouble and expense of procuring the full five parts of piobaireachd published by the Piobaireachd Society, and I cannot find in any of them the music of my favourite tune, “The King’s Taxes.” The advertisement which appeared in your columns distinctly stated that “The King’s Taxes,” “My King has Landed in Moidart” and “The Gathering of the Clan Ranald, would be found in the Piobaireachd Society’s publications, and when I procured them, at considerable expense, I [sic] and they are not there. It would be far better, under such circumstances, to allow competitors in the junior competition to choose their own list of four tunes. This would give young players a fair chance and some encouragement. There are plenty of good tunes to choose from in a collection like Angus MacKay’s, and surely the beginner should be allowed the privilege of choosing his own tunes in his first attempt at competition, and then have his tunes chosen or laid down for him in open competitions.–I am, etc.,

Young Player