OT: 20 February 1937 – A.B.C. [“Angus MacKay and Piobaireachd”]

The Oban Times, 20 February, 1937

[Angus MacKay and Piobaireachd]

13 February, 1937

Sir,–I am much interested in the correspondence in your columns at present between Mr. Grant and Mr. McPherson regarding the redundant ‘A’ note in the taor-luath and crun-luath movements. I shall feel greatly obliged if Mr. MacPherson would kindly inform me how this note came to be included in the movements mentioned. Was it a printer’s error? Is it a fact that Angus MacKay’s collection of piobaireachd had to be printed in Germany as in those days no printing establishment in Britain would undertake work of that nature?–I am, etc.,

A. B. C.