NS: 15 April 1911 – Unsigned “The Royal Collection of Piobaireachd, 2nd ed.” [Review]

The Northern Scot, 15 April 1911

The second edition of the “Royal Collection of Piobaireachd” has just been issued by Mr. John Grant, Edinburgh, and is a production of which any Highlander might be proud, not to speak of any Highland piper. Mr. Grant is well known as the composer of great merit, and we noticed that the King has been pleased to accept to special compositions entitled: “King George Fifth’ s Salute,” and “Lament for King Edward Seventh.” This is an honour which Mr. Grant naturally values very highly. The Gaelic translations given in this issue have never before appeared in a book of bagpipe music. It is a matter worthy of special notice is that the “toarluath and crunluath” variations appear as they have been written for the first time in the history of piobaireachd exactly as they are played. By timing those variations as Mr. Grant has done the piobaireachd, which is written from end-to-end in the same time is a perfect tune, and the only means by which the theme can be followed entirely in all the variations. The tunes contained in the volume are of the highest order and have all been accepted personally by those to whom they are dedicated, who have expressed themselves as highly pleased with the melodies.