EN: 1 December 1961 – Unsigned – [Grant manuscripts up for auction]

The Edinburgh Evening News, 1 December, 1961

The Chatty Side of the News

A remarkable collection of 52 volumes of bagpipe music covering almost every aspect of the history and art of piping, is to be put up for sale at Christie’s, London, on December 13.

The collection is the complete life works of the late Mr. John M.1 Grant, recognized as one of the greatest authorities on pipers and bagpipe music. He belonged to Muir of Ord, Ross-shire2, but spent much of his life in Edinburgh, where his family still live.

Mr. Grant was an accomplished piper and had the distinction of being invited by the War Office to organize an Army school of piping during the First World War. He accepted a temporary post of instructor, but later returned to his composing a bagpipe music.

Major Spowers, of Christie’s, says this about the volumes: “It is a staggering collection of works for one man to have accomplished.”

1. Grant had no middle name
2. This is incorrect information