20 August 1927 – John Macrae-Gilstrap “The Clan Macrae Chiefship”

The Oban Times, 20 August, 1927

The Clan Macrae Chiefship

 Ballimore, Otter Ferry, Argyll, 12 August, 1927

Sir,–I observed a letter in your issue of 12 inst., signed “Iain Macrae” below the excellent letter, if I may say so, on the “Chief of the clan Macrae” by Rev. Alex. Macrae, Shephall Directory, which from a public point of view appears to leave very little to be said as, no doubt, the public will realise. There are certain statements, however, in your correspondent, “Iain Macrae’s” letter which appear to me to require contradiction.

Your correspondent is wrong where he says “the late Sir Colin G. Macrae did not ask the Lyon King to officially recognise him as Chief of the Clan MacRae.” The words used in the Petition are that his position

“as Chief of the Clan Macrae might be officially recognised by your Lordship.”

He certainly did so, with the result that after an exhaustive trial the Lyon King said:

“I should require clearer proof of the existence of a Chiefship than has been produced.”

It appears to me quite clear that your correspondent has apparently not read the Petition of Sir Colin George MacRae and the Lyon King’s judgment thereon, which was published in the “Oban Times” on the 1st of May, 1909. If he had, I can hardly think he would have taken the attitude which he does, as it would appear to me that no words could more clearly express the opinion of the Lyon King than the following quotation namely:–”

I should require clearer proof of the existence of a Chiefship than has been produced.”–I am, etc.,

John MacRae Gilstrap, Lieut. Colonel
President of the Clan MacRae Society.