OT: 23 April 1932 – R.C. MacLeod “The MacCrimmon Memorial Inscriptions”

The Oban Times, 23 April, 1932

The MacCrimmon Memorial Inscriptions

 Mitford Vicarage, Morpeth, 19 April, 1932

Sir,–In spite of what Mr. A. K. Cameron says in your last issue, I think that the compilers of the inscription on the MacCrimmon Memorial are probably right. The calculation, which gives thirty years to a generation, works out with amazing accuracy whenever it is applied to the pedigree of any old family. There were ten generations of the Chiefs at Dunvegan between 1510 and 1822, the dates Mr. Cameron names, and probably there were ten generations of MacCrimmons during the same period. Seven generations would give an average of more than 44 years to a generation. Probably three of the famous pipers outlived their sons, and were succeeded as hereditary pipers by their grandsons.

I am, etc.,

R. C. MacLeod