OT: 15 November 1930 – A. MacPherson “The MacCrimmon Memorial”

The Oban Times, 15 November, 1930

The MacCrimmon Memorial

Inveran Hotel, Invershin, Sutherland, 25 October, 1930

Sir,–With reference to your correspondent “Luath’s” letters in your issue of 11th October, where he makes mention of a redundant A player having won a prize at Inverness and Oban, and where he asks the question–What has Mr. McPherson got to say to that? and do the judges themselves know the difference? It is not for me to say what the judges do or do not know, but I have no hesitation in concluding that in the judging at both places they certainly were quite capable to detect the difference, and no doubt did. If, however, there happens to be in the competition a Redundant A player who makes a fair performance otherwise and others, not Redundant A players, who make a poor performance throughout, well, I should say, that since it has been the former’s misfortune to have been taught that way, the judges, rather than stroke him out altogether, a course which they would be quite justified in doing, are using clemency and the more lenient way in the hope that sooner or later this unfortunate performer may see the error of his way.

I would point out to your correspondent, however, that the premier prize winners are not Redundant A players, and that the former outnumber the latter by the dozen, a fact which can have but one meaning to “Luath’s” School, and that before very long.

As to the other matter in “Luath’s” letter I have nothing to add to or subtract from what I have already said, excepting that in my time I have often heard men saying they have been taught by so and so, when in fact their only teaching was to hear the individual diddle or whistle a tune, and their instructor’s name never, as a rule, divulged until he was no longer able to repudiate or support the statement.–I am, etc.,

A. MacPherson