OT: 6 September 1930 – Calum MacCrimmon – “The MacCrimmon Memorial”

The Oban Times, 6 September, 1930

The MacCrimmon Memorial

 Manchester, 30 August, 1930

Sir,–In a recent issue of your paper your correspondent, Mr. MacPherson, Invershin, suggests that “prizes be given to the best performers of MacCrimmon Piobaireachd to commemorate the occasion.”

Surely your correspondent knows a little of the history of the Borreraig school. There was only one prize ever offered, and that to Padruig Mor, and he immediately broke the “bauble” and threw it at the giver’s feet.

Padruig Mor played the redundant “A” in Toarluath; think then of what a ghastly mess any Toarluath played with but two “A’s” at Borreraig, would be to the memory of Iain Odhar’s sons. It seems to me that the Memorial when it be raised, will be a memorial, not to the Old Masters, but to the new school of pipers–the Toarluath and Crunluath having neither that depth nor feeling which is the end of Piobaireachd.–I am, etc.

Calum MacCrimmon