OT: 27 September 1930 – A. MacPherson – “The MacCrimmon Memorial”

The Oban Times, 27 September, 1930

The MacCrimmon Memorial

Inveran Hotel, Invershin, Sutherland, 16 September, 1930

Sir,–I am immensely tickled with Callum MacCrimmon’s letter in your issue of 6th September. The name MacCrimmon does not deserve such banter, and one who can see at once that he is quite inconversant with what was, or was not, practiced at the Borreraig School of Piping. How any reasonable being could take the exception he has done to my simple and, I think, very appropriate suggestion must pass the comprehension of any fair-minded person. I am glad, however, that the worthy secretary in charge of the movement, Mr. MacLeod, has been taken by the suggestion, and, under his and his Committee’s able guidance, I am sure that something will be done which will commend itself to even Callum MacCrimmon and those like him who support what never was taught at Borreraig.–I am, etc.,

A. MacPherson