OT: 20 September 1930 – A. MacKay “Playing of Piobaireachd”

The Oban Times, 20 September, 1930

Playing of Piobaireachd

 Cape Town, South Africa, 21 September [August] 1930

Sir,–With further reference to the Taorluadh controversy, I do not know if anyone has previously drawn attention to the parallel case of the superfluous A in the Leumluadh movement as it is written in the older books.

I am not aware that it is or ever was played, and the name indicates that it was never intended to be. This gives rise to the question: why is it there at all? There can only be one answer, and in my opinion is fully proves the contention that those two superfluous notes in the Taorluadh and Leumluadh were intended by MacDonald for players of other instruments, and, as Somerled MacDonald says in his succinct letter of June 25, “merely copied by other compilers.” So far as I can see, this leaves the redundant A school without a leg to stand upon.–I am, etc.,

A. MacKay