OT: 10 August 1929 – A. MacPherson “Problems of Piping”

The Oban Times, 10 August, 1929

Problems of Piping

Inveran Hotel, Invershin, Sutherland, 29 July, 1929

Sir,–It would have been interesting and valuable testimony, if, in his letter of 20th July, Mr. Seton Gordon had said whether or not he himself plays the Redundant A in Toarluadh and Crunluadh. I think, however, I am safe to trust the judgment of my own ear when I say that he does not, and further, that with the abundant evidence already subscribed, through your courtesy, in the columns of your valuable paper, including the testimony of the late lamented George MacLennan, the correct method of playing these notes is made quite clear to the many readers of the “Oban Times,” both at home and abroad, and the fact thoroughly established that the Redundant A is positively wrong.–I am, etc.,

A. MacPherson