OT: 10 April 1920 – Senior Competition Set-Tunes for 1920

The Oban Times, 10 April, 1920

Comunn Na Piobaireachd

(The Piobaireachd Society)
Senior Competitions, 1920

The tunes are now published, and qualified Competitors only can obtain them from me, or from the Secretary, Northern Meeting by sending P. O. for 3/-. At a latter date they will be published in book form with Notes and the Canntaireachd of the published setting, and a copy of this will be given to qualified Competitors in exchange for the sheets now obtained. The tunes will be played according to the settings published now, but the setting of the Battle of Auldearn, published in Part 5. Piobd. Soc. Colln. Page 8, may be played as an alternative to that now published.

J.P. Grant, Major.
Hon. Secy. Music Committee.
Piobaireachd Society.
67 Great King Street, Edinburgh.
5 April, 1920