OT: 29 May 1920 – Piob Mor “The MacCrimmons”

The Oban Times, 29 May, 1920

The MacCrimmons

20 May, 1920

Sir,–As a reader interested in the celebrated MacCrimmon pipers, the writer would be grateful if anyone could give through the medium of your paper any further authentic information regarding them. The following points have come to the writer’s knowledge, that is:–

Patrick “Mor” MacCrimmon, who appears to have lived about 1650 and been piper to Sir Rory MacLeod of Dunvegan, had a son–

Patrick “Og,” who left three sons, viz., Malcolm, John and Donald “Ban.” Donald “Ban” was killed at the Rout of Moy, 1746. John, the second son, was piper to John MacRa of Conchra, who was killed at Sheriffmuir. He had 80 merks yearly out of Innerskinaig from the tutor of Conchra, and became Seaforth’s piper afterwards. Up to 1718 he had the 80 merks, for which the tutor became bound to pay him. MacCrimmon later on went on to E. Lechacham, and in one of Kincraig’s accounts he is called “Conchra’s piper.”

Malcolm, the eldest son, appears to have left a son, Iain “Dubh,” the last official piper at Dunvegan.

The writer observes that the present representative of the MacRaes of Conchra is Stuart MacRae of Conchra, 21st direct lineal representative from Finlay dhu Macgillie-chriosd, and possibly he, or some of his family, may be able to give some more information regarding the MacCrimmon pipers.–I am, etc.,

Piob Mor