OT: 17 April 1926 – George S. McLennan [“Pipe-Major Gray on Mr. Grant’s Demonstration”]

The Oban Times, 17 April, 1926

[Pipe-Major Gray on Mr. Grant’s Demonstration]

 Aberdeen, 10 April, 1926

Sir,–in reply to the letter of Mr. John Grant in your issue of to-day’s date, please allow me to say that, after muddling and bungling the Toarluath and Crunluath question, he finds it expedient to try a fresh subject, Crunluath Mach, and demands of me to say why my father wrote this movement as he did. When I am satisfied that Mr. Grant has a thorough understanding of the subject of the present controversy, it will be time enough to seek fresh subjects. In the meantime, I refuse to allow him to side-track me in any such manner.

If Mr. Grant has now said all he can on the subject of Toarluath and Crunluath, then, obviously, he must stop. But he leaves the question of the movement on D in a greater muddle than ever. From the first, I have asked him to say why he omits the redundant low A when writing the movements from D. He has never replied to that question. Instead, he attempted to say how he wrote them. In doing this, he has made two completely different statements. He further adds to the tangle by blandly stating that when playing the movements he fingers it in quite a different manner to what he writes. Could anything be more absurd? No wonder he is anxious to change the subject.–I am, etc.,

Geo. S. McLennan