OT: 10 January 1925 – John Grant “The Highland Bagpipe”

The Oban Times, 10 January, 1925

The Highland Bagpipe

27 Comely Bank Street, Edinburgh, 15 December, 1924

Sir,–In a report regarding my lecture on Thursday, November 20, to the members of the “Tir nam Beann” Society, on the “Origin and Evolution of the Highland Bagpipe,” it is reported that I “traced the subject through its various stages, from the original Irish bagpipe down to the present modern instrument.” What I did do was to trace the Highland bagpipe from its origin down to its present state; purely as an instrument belonging from all time to the Highlands of Scotland. I maintain that the Highland bagpipe has nothing to do with any other pipe, or any other nation.

May I say that “Tir nam Beann” is one of the foremost of Highland societies in Scotland, and the president, Mr. McKillop, with his able secretary, Mr. Kennedy, deserves the praise of every Highlander who loves the “land of bens and glens and heroes.”–I am, etc.,

John Grant