OT: 9 October 1915 -John Grant

The Oban Times, 9 October, 1915

27 Comely Bank Street, Edinburgh, 4 October, 1914 (sic)

Sir,–I am sure your readers must all be aware by this time that Mr. MacPharlain cannot answer the question that has been so often put in. He refers to some Charlie whom he seems to know, who would only play “wan” tune. Perhaps he forgets that he has been asked many times one question, and that the Charlie he speaks of was a much more clever boy that himself. Charlie could play “wan” tune, but Mr. MacPharlain cannot give “wan” answer.

Mr. MacPharlain says he has a proposal to make–that I should fish out information for him about the Great Highland Bagpipe and where it came from. I know where it came from and to whom it belongs. Sir, I have a proposal to make to Mr. MacPharlain. He can read my book, and see what I say there about the Great Highland Bagpipe.

I have a further proposal to make. Mr. MacPharlain should stick to the subject with which he began. I do not want to know where the bagpipe came from; I want to know what Gaelic song has got to do with the Great Highland Bagpipe. Let Mr. MacPharlain be upsize with Charlie, and just give me “wan” answer, and let us be friends.–I am, etc.,

John Grant