OT: 23 October 1915 – Colin Sinclair

The Oban Times, 23 October, 1915

Glasgow, 17 October, 1915

Sir,–On further investigation on the subject, I find that, on my practising chanter, the upper G note is sharp, while on the complete instrument this note loses its sharpness, and almost reaches G natural.

I am aware that the practice chanter in my possession may be no criterion. My second line of sol-fa notes have the same intervals as the first, but are written on the scale D, which, while incomplete on the chanter, is that upon which certain bagpipe tunes are played. That the scale of A is complete upon the chanter, and that to which the instrument is attuned is a fact readily determined.

In my last letter the phrase “the compass of the chanter scale” should read “the compass of the chanter.”–I am, etc.,

Colin Sinclair