OT: 16 October 1915 – Colin Sinclair “The Chanter Scale”

The Oban Times, 16 October, 1915

The Chanter Scale

35 Clifford Street, Glasgow, 10 October, 1915

Sir,–If my conception of musical sound the normally correct, and a rudimentary practical experience of the bagpipe and “open Sesame” to your columns on the subject, I would pronounce the following series of notes to embrace the compass of the chanter scale, viz.:–

G A B C# D E F# G# A
Tah1 Doh Ray Me Fah Soh Lah Te Doh1
Fah Soh Lah Te Doh Ray Me Fe Soh

Mr. MacPharlain interprets G as the same both high and low.

I have seen it stated that the high G is not exactly either G natural or G sharp on the A scale, but a compromise.

To my ear this note, under equal and constant pressure of air, sounds G sharp on the chanter, the relation between the 2G notes being that of Te and Tah or Fe and Fah in the sole fun notation.–I am, etc.,

Colin Sinclair