OT: 13 November 1915 – Patrick Og “Piobaireachd and MacCrimmon Canntaireachd”

The Oban Times, 13 November, 1915

Piobaireachd and MacCrimmon Canntaireachd

6 November, 1915

Sir,–In reply to your correspondent “Eilean a Cheo” I am very much disappointed in the meagreness of his knowledge of the above subject when he does no more than quote Mr. Simon Fraser, Australia.

“Eilean a’ Cheo’s” offer of further information is superfluous. Nevertheless, if it is more light that is required when he signs his own name at the end of his next letter I will follow suit by signing mine. Then my duty it will be to show him that although I asked for information of “a nature” I am not altogether ignorant of the subject.–I am, etc.,

“Patrick Og”