OT: 21 February 1914 – “Announcement of Piobaireachd: Its Origin and Construction”

[Announcement of “Piobaireachd: Its Origin and Construction.”]

Mr. John Grant, the composer of “The Royal Collection of Piobaireachd,” has now in preparation a volume entitled “Piobaireachd: Its Origin and Construction.” The volume extends to some 200 pages quarto, and promises to throw an entirely new light on the art of piobaireachd. It will form a most interesting work, and will give the reader a minute analysis of the music peculiar to the Celt; a music which has been for centuries associated with the Highland clans of Caledonia. The technical part of the work will prove a boon to many young pipers who are desirous of getting a more extensive knowledge of piobaireachd, and pipe music in general, which until now has suffered neglect. The work cannot fail to interest everyone who has an affection for our national music.