OT: 24 August 1912 – K.N. MacDonald “Gesto’s Canntaireachd of 1828”

The Oban Times, 24 August, 1912

Gesto’s Canntaireachd of 1828

21 Clarendon Crescent, Edinburgh, 18 August, 1912

Sir,–the above work is now in the printers hands, and some very interesting developments are awaiting the piping fraternity. In fact, “Bidh olc mu ghlanadh a’ mhionaich”–there will be a row about the addition of the spoil, when in due course all is done.

Meantime it may be observed that the present champion piper of Australia has been taught by the Canntaireachd system alone, so the staff notation men will have to look to their laurels.

In any case a monument will be raised to Captain Neil MacLeod of Gesto for all time coming, and to Mr. Simon Fraser of Australia for having preserved the Canntaireachd system practically, by which some of the old tunes may have to be altered. This is all that can be said just now.–I am, etc.,

K. N. MacDonald