OT:19 October 1912 – Beginner “The Bagpipe Chanter Scale”

The Oban Times, 19 October, 1912

The Bagpipe Chanter Scale


14 October, 1912

Sir,–I have been very much interested in the controversy which has been going on in your columns recently about pipe music. I have so admired the bagpipe that I would like to be a piper. I have bought a tutor and attempted to make a start to learn to play on the bagpipe, but I am disappointed to see that the tutor I bought does not say what scale or key the bagpipe is on, or tuned to. I am entirely ignorant of the theory of music, and anxious to begin at the root and work upwards towards being a fair performer. I have often heard pipers argue and say that pipe music was on this key and the next key, but no two seemed to agree or to be sure. Could any of your readers who are pipers tell me of a book or tutor where I will find such information? Failing a book, I would be glad if any of your readers would tell me what key pipe music is set to, or do tunes very in key signatures as piano music? Perhaps some of the bagpipe-makers might be able to explain this best.–I am, etc.,