OT: 1 June 1907 – Pipe Major [Morrison Govan]

The Oban Times, 1 June, 1907

23 May, 1907

Sir,–I am delighted with the letter of that gentleman who signed himself “H. S.”

I have made bagpipes, reeds, etc., for upwards of 30 years, and I say chanter first and then the reed.

I have tried to fit reeds in my day to chanters of all shapes and forms and sounds, and, as my friend “H. S.,” says the rule of thumb, was not in it.

I would suggest that at the next meeting convened by General Thomason, Dr. Bannatyne, and other gentlemen of note, all pipe and reed makers should send in a chanter and a sample of their reeds for testing, then we could be told our faults. –I am, etc.,

Pipe Major [Morrison Govan]