OT: 31 December 1910 – Archibald Paterson “Scottish Pipers’ and Dancers’ Union”

The Oban Times, 31 December, 1910

Scottish Pipers’ and Dancers’ Union

4 Hotspur Street, N. Kelvinside

Glasgow, 27 December, 1910

Sir,–as one whose interest in the Scottish Pipers’ and Dancers’ Union is now a primary one, I do not think it would be out of place to emphasise a few facts which certain of your correspondents lately are entirely losing side of.

The Society of the Scottish Pipers’ and Dancers’ Union has only just past its initial stages. Its aims are by now so well known that to enumerate them would be needless repetition. They are such as to appeal irresistibly to those whose interests or ambitions are at all centered in either piping or dancing. The Society does not as yet boast of perfection, as some imagine, and does not flatter itself to be immune from adaptable suggestions. In fact, all applicable suggestions are heartily welcome, and will be duly considered, but I think your readers will agree that as matters stand, the Society does not justify adverse criticism or resentment.

One correspondent dwells unnecessarily on Dr. Bannatyne and the Society’s inauguration. From his remarks, one would be led to believe that Dr. Bannatyne precipitated matters solely on his own responsibility. Fax point to the contrary, to judge from the representative general meeting held on 26th ult. and 10th inst., which were unanimous in endorsing their approval of his principles. The only conclusion one can draw is that, far from being antagonistic to any society, the proceedings justified one in thinking that it would ultimately become a veritable boon to all our contemporaries, pipers and dancers.

I have to thank “Wellwisher,” “Fair Play to All,” and “Gilleasbuig,” for their interest and suggestions for the furtherance of the Union. It is certainly the case that at both meetings time was limited and items given scarce time for consideration, but we anticipate no difficulty in rectifying this in future.

In conclusion, I would reiterate that we are just passing through the initial stages, and are open to all suggestions and statements likely to facilitate the work of the Executive Committee. To those who are skeptical and are apt to think of Society has no support, lack of membership, etc., I think it is only fair that they leave their “wet-blanketing” for a year, when we can correctly predict that such criticism will be conspicuous by its absence.

Wishing all who play “Phiob mhor na Dhos,” be he Ceol beag, Ceol Mhor, or Ceol meanach, “Bliadhna Mhath Ur,”–I am, etc.,

Archibald Patterson

Pipe–Major, 5th Battalion (Cameronians) S. R.,


Scottish Pipers’ and Dancers’ Union