OT: 24 December 1910 – Gilleasbuig “The Scottish Pipers’ and Dancers’ Union”

The Oban Times, 24 December, 1910

Scottish Pipers’ and Dancers’ Union

Glasgow, 20 December, 1910

I noticed the controversy and correspondence over the formation of the Society known as the Scottish Pipers’ and Dancers’ Union. Discrimination is certainly not its chief characteristic. Anyone taking in unbiased view of the matter must be impressed with the importance and utility of such a Union. Some apparently consider its motives in ambitions vague, but on closer scrutiny its principles stand out clear and distinct. It is, however, not without its ramifications at present, but this will undoubtedly be rectified by those whose interests are solely centered upon it. On the other hand, no amount of carping criticism is likely to help matters, but should rather be avoided and discountenanced.

It appears to me that, far from being antagonistic to, or alienating itself from, any other society, the Union should in the near future prove a blessing to all other allied associations. Its propaganda is enthusiastically supported by the prominent pipers and dancers in and around the city. Their interests will, I venture to predict, prove more than an incentive for all pipers and dancers to enroll themselves in the coming months. With this impetus, its position will be unassailable, and its motives indisputable. I hope and trust that in Scotland no one is going to prove a stumbling block to this Society, but rather will offer not only their help but submit any proposals likely to further the interests of those who for years have been competing, helplessly at times, in the face of discouraging and incompetent judging. In the Scottish Pipers’ and Dancers’ Union we have the elements of the antidote. Let us, then, be sportsman by extending the helping hand, and it will prove its compatibility in more ways than one.–I am, etc.,