OT: 2 June 1911 – John Grant “Piobaireachd” (poem #2)

The Oban Times, 2 June, 1911


Hail! Glorious ancient piobaireachd,
Thou patriotic theme.
Wake from thy fairy slumbers,
Once more upon us gleam.

Great music of our fathers,
Can we, or time, destroy
A heaven-born gift nature,
In life and death their joy?

The Fairy Queen has vanished,
MacCrimmon is no more;
Imaginative echoes
Come from Dunvegan’s shore.

Alas! The Castle ramparts
Are now moss-grown and grey;
That festive hall is silent
Where Patrick Og did play.

Once more we come rejoicing
To find this long-lost art
Budding smiling fragrance
Within the Celtic heart.

Salutes still bring us tidings,
As in days of other years,
And the Lament, more doleful,
Can tap the fount of tears.

Wake! gallant Chieftain, wake!
Preserve this ancient art
Our Chiefs of old have left us;
They nobly did their part.

Bring back to every Castle
The piper as of yore;
Then we will hail with gladness
The splendour of Ceòl Mòr.

John Grant,
Author of “The Royal Collection Piobaireachd.”
21 Murieston Crescent, Edinburgh