OT: 18 June 1910 – Charles Bannatyne “The Piobaireachd”

The Oban Times, 18 June, 1910

The Piobaireachd

Salsburgh, by Holytown

11 June, 1910

Sir,–” Loch Duich,” in an interesting letter in your issue of last week, advocates the minim as the standard beat in writing pibroch music, and wonders why I cannot understand its utility compared with the crotchet.

I have a great liking for the minim, but I cannot see what the differences between a tune written in minims at a speed of 80m. to the minute and the same tune in crotchets to the speed of 80c. to the minute. When this is satisfactorily explained to me I shall plump for the adoption of the minim as the standard beat. Mr. MacLennan’s music is easy to understand, and is effective, though it does not show the difference between, say the “E shake” and the “E echo,” and makes a crun-luath “beat” a single movement, or as such a “beat” is made up of two distinct parts according to tradition and the oldest MSS.

Once such discrepancies are satisfactorily explained, I have no doubt we shall get a standard method of writing “Ceol Mor”; then we shall “study war no more.”–I am, etc.,

 Charles Bannatyne, M.B., C.M.