OT: 14 January 1911 – Fionn “A MacRae Lament”

The Oban Times, 14 January, 1911

A MacRae Lament

Glasgow, 10 January, 1911

Sir,–in reply to “Christine,” there is nothing to prevent “Donnacha Mac Iain” being a Duncan MacRae, and if he applies to the Clan Historian, Rev. Alexander MacRae, B. A. London, he may be able to settle who this MacRae of Kintail was, or perhaps Capt. Colin MacRae, Edinburgh, may know the history of the tune. David Glen, Edinburgh, publishes it in Part I of his “Edinburgh Collection of Highland Bagpipe Music” as “Duncan MacRae of Kintail’s Lament” (see also Gaelic title, as I have not the book beside me as I write). Ross, who published a collection of pipe music, gives a setting under the following titles: “Cumha Chailein Mhicrath, Inbherineid”–Colin MacRae of Inverinate’s Lament. David Glen’s “Edinburgh Collection” is not to be confused with his “collection of Ancient Piobaireachd,” for which I had just completed the Historic, Biographic, and Legendary Notes, which are now in the press.

I hope these jottings may be helpful to “Christine.”–I am, etc.,