Prose and Poetic Works

The published and unpublished prose and poetic works of John Grant

  The following poems, composed by John Grant, were probably prefatory to his “Highland Pipe Music / Collected and Carefully Copied By Iain Grandach / From the collections of proffessional [sic] players / Abercairny House / June 1901.”  The decorative scroll-work on each page is identical to the extant music leaves of this collection housed at Abercairny Estate, Crieff.  Since Grant departed Abercairny in May 1902 for employment in Edinburgh, the question is begged how poetry written after his departure from the estate found its way back there.  Grant, by his own testimony, cannibalized his collections over the years for friends across the world who wanted a copy of one tune or another.  A packet of these–the collection at Abercairny–which contains out takes of the collection entitled above along with these poems, was given to John Drummond-Moray by his friend Bill Clemment at the Atholl Highlander Parade about May 1998.  John, in turn, sent a copy (Bill had made two–one for each brother) to William Drummon-Moray, the current lord of Abercairny.  I in indebted to him and his son-in-law, Daniel Parker, for allowing me to photograph these documents.  Also a very special “thank you” to Dugald MacNeill, who chauffeured me around Perthshire in order to make the trip to the estate.

Ben Greig
Loch Rannoch Moor

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