OT: 20 December 1924 – Colin Whyte et al “Ladies’ Australian Pipe Band”

The Oban Times, 20 December 1924

Ladies’ Australian Pipe Band

Gallourn, Victoria, Australia, 23rd of October, 1924

Sir,– In Gallourn, which is situated some 90 miles North-East from Melbourne, in the Electricity Commission’s generating plant, Of the 3600 men employed a fair percentage are Scottish, and of these another percentage are Highland, and therefore ardent readers of the “Oban Times,” hence this communication.
In September last the Australian Scottish Ladies’ Pipe Band arrived here and gave a first-class concert, they being en route on their world tour. The Band is under the management of Drum-Major Wm. Darwin, F.R.G.S., a man whom all Scottish Australians admire; also Pipe-Major Jessie Young, a lady who has won numerous trophies and bagpipe playing. The Band starts on their world tour towards the end of January, 1925. All members are Australian born and of Scottish parentage. We are, etc.,

Colin Whyte (Port Ellen).
William J. M. Mitchell (Stornoway)
Thomas Killen (Bowmore).