OT: 29 November 1924 – A.C.W. “Pipe Music Of The Clans”

The Oban Times, 29 November, 1924

Pipe Music Of The Clans

Glenetive, 20th November, 1924

Sir,–As far as I am aware, the Clan McLean is the only clan that has published the music specially connected with them. Such a collection was compiled and published by the Clan McLean Society of Glasgow in 1900. My father, the late Henry Whyte (“Fionn”), collected the martial music of various clans, with their history and traditions, and a series under the heading “The Martial Music of The Clans” appeared in the columns of the “Celtic Monthly” and afterwards in book form. In this compilation he has endeavoured to indicate the musical collections where the tunes can be found. In all, he dealt with over three hundred tunes. If your correspondent applies to the Messrs. Alex. MacLaren & Sons, 360-362 Argyle Street, Glasgow, they may be able to secure copies of both works. –I am, etc.,