OT: 27 September 1924 – H.S. Strafford “Oban Pipe Band at Cowal Gathering”

The Oban Times, 27 September, 1924

Oban Pipe Band At Cowal Gathering

Rosegarth, Dunoon, 22nd September, 1924

Sir,–In view of the interest in the performance of Oban Band at Cowal Gathering, doubtless a few more particulars relative thereto will be of use to those most concerned. At the outset I would say that the Band’s performance was most meritorious. It must be remembered that Oban was up against the finest pipe bands in the world, some of whom have striven for premier honours for a dozen years, and as in the case of Milhall have at least been rewarded.

A closer scrutiny on the judges’ sheets reveals the fact that as against the five bands ahead of Oban in the confined contests (Oban was 6th), Oban lost 3 ½ points in “Execution.” But for this defect Oban band would have been in the prize list. The same weakness is shown in the open contest, the band securing 28 points out of a possible 45. In other respects the results show a fair average.

The same remarks apply to Inverary, but to a greater degree. It should be noted, with regard to the other County band, the 8th A. & S.H., Their points were advanced from 77 last year to 81 at the last Gathering. This improvement is doubtless owing to the opportunity provided for combined practice a few days previous to the Games. If similar conditions prevail next year the prospects of the Argylls securing the Argyll Shield comes well within the range of probability.

May I state now that owing to the kindness of Colonel Walter Scott of New York, trophies will be put up next year for side-drumming and bass drumming. As drumming is acquiring more importance, this may lead to an increase in the number of points allocated to same. –I am, etc.,

H. S. Strafford,
Hon. Secy., Cowal Gathering