OT: 4 August 1923 – Spaidsearachd Clann Domhnuill “[Piobaireachd Playing at Cowal Gathering]”

The Oban Times, 4 August 1923

[Piobaireachd Playing at Cowal Gathering]

30th July, 1923

Sir,–Just as I expected, my letter of the 2nd July regarding young players has rather ruffled some of the older school. I shall now leave it for the young aspirants to substantiate on the “Piob Mhòr” what I have said, through your courtesy, on their behalf. It would be a sad day for Scotland if we could not produce artistes before they were the age of 30 years, and, for the information of your correspondent, “I know and have heard” the three gentlemen he has so invidiously brought forward, and in each case they could, before the age of 20 years, play as good or perhaps better than they can today. I say so to their credit and not as minimising in any way their ability, hence the reason they have attained the position they have. –I am, etc.,

Spaidsearachd Clann Domhnuill