OT: 26 May 1923 – Old Lochgorm “Cowal Highland Gathering”

Oban Times, 26 May, 1923

Cowal Highland Gathering

Glasgow, 21 May, 1923

Sir,–From one of the preliminary programmes of the forthcoming gathering which has come into my possession I notice that there are numerous shields, trophies, gold medals, etc., to be competed for especially in the pipe band contests. I also notice that for the playing of piobaireachd, march, strathspey and reel (open) competitors must be over 18 years of age. Could there not be arranged an open competition for piobaireachd playing for boys 18 years and under on the second day of the gathering? If that could be arranged I would suggest that the competitors play their own choice as regards setting for this year, and that for next year there should be given out a list of three piobaireachds, one of which if the competitors send in their names to the Secretary they should be allowed to practise for six months.

Rules could be drafted out for next year in view of the different opinions of the setting of piobaireachd as to the correct rendering. A Committee could be appointed (if tunes are to be selected by Committee of Games) six months before the Games take place, and this Committee could select the tunes wanted. This would preserve the traditional manner in which they were originally performed. This year, of course, the selection could be left with the competitors to choose from. A trophy could be secured for juvenile piobaireachd playing for next year –something similar to the Campbell Trophy, which I consider to be the most interesting trophy which the Committee of the Cowal Gathering possesses. There are numerous piobaireachds which are never played at Highland gatherings, such as “Cumha Dhomhnuill an Lagain,” “Mal an Righ,” “Cumha Mhic-Shuain an Roaig,” “Sweet memories of Bengal,” etc. –I am, etc.,

“Old Lochgorm”